Measuring the ROI of your sponsorship platforms by analyzing both tangible-, intangible assets and selected objectives.

Sponsorship Strategy

Developing in-depth strategy based on our proven sponsorship model that matches the brands KPI’s and values.

Opportunity Scan

Creating solid insights into the opportunities of the sponsorship market that fit your company’s values, goals and key markets.

Brand Activation

We bring the sponsorship to life through brand activation strategies and creative solutions that strengthen the relations with the customers.

PR & Social Media

Developing creative content and news to engage the audiences and improve media impact and exposure.

Sponsorship Presentation

Professional sales presentations of the unique features, benefits and values that your property offers.

Sponsorhip Sales

Commercial development and sales activities targeted  specific markets and industries matching your property’s offers.


The Property Value Analysis® analyzise all tangible and intangible elements offered by your property.

Data Research

Data Research serves you with an in-depth knowledge about your property’s core values, audience demography etc.

Internal Workshop

Facilitating workshops focusing on commercial development and creating the future strategy for your platforms.

Brand Impact Analysis

Analyzing the value match between brands and properties based on external market and data research.