Founded 2003

SponsorPeople is an independent sponsorship agency based in Copenhagen. We are ready to guide our clients through every stage of the sponsorship process. Whether you are a brand engaging in sponsorships or a rightholder developing commercial opportunities, SponsorPeople understands your business objective.

Since  2003 we have created inspiring, innovative and effecient partnerships. Furthermore we have developed models that create extremely unique value in the process of sponsorship measurement.

Selected skills

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Brand Activation


Sponsorship – The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Over the past years consumer experience has played a greater role in build brand perceptions. Sponsorship offers an opportunity for marketers to recieve unique exposure, deliver value-added experiences and build relations with their customers.

Therefore we have experienced that sponsorship is the most powerful marketing tool when it is managed properly. That is why we have made it our mission – through creativity, insights and innovation of our sponsorship tools – to secure our clients make profitable decisions and create high commercial impact.

"SponsorPeople has worked closely with us in Meraas L&E during 2015 to develop the sponsorship pla@orm, strategy, evaluaCon, and sales approach for a number of our new assets. SponsorPeople has worked very closely with us, and we are very happy with their professional, independent and thorough approach to sponsorships and valuaCon. We expect to conCnue working with SponsorPeople on any new projects that Meraas L&E will need assistance with.“

John KerrMeraas L&E

”I am often asked: Why does PostDenmark engage in sponsorships? The answer is that it pays off. The RoSI® analysis helps us document this. It shows us what our investment is worth. RoSI® has given us a unique insight to which areas our Tour of Denmark (red. Post Danmark Rundt) sponsorship supports our brand, and how well we penetrate the market during the tour days (recognition is currently 98%!)."

Jørgen H.K. Jepsen Post Denmark

“SponsorPeople have been our solid partner since 2008 - they understand our strategic objectives and once again found a strong naming sponsor for Copenhagen Marathon, that also provide us with a solid technological foundation. One of the largest telecommunication companies in Europe, Telenor, has been announced as the new naming and main sponsor of Copenhagen Marathon. The partnership has been developed in close collaboration with SponsorPeople who assisted us with sponsorship sales and presentations. Also the previous partner, Nykredit, was signed in collaboration with SponsorPeople."

Dorte VibjergSparta